Monday, November 10, 2008

Chen Jian Zhou aka 黑人

Chen Jian Zhou aka 黑人. Photography by Anthony Levi Kho | Let There Be Light.
Using Canon Digital EOS.

Apologies to all about the confidentiality of our current project. :) Well, out of the entire series of photos that we shot and cant release until a much later date, we can at least feature this ONE picture since it's out on Lianhe Zaobao. For more info about what this production is about, you may like to read from today's papers.

Just wanted to thank God for this opportunity to shoot for 黑人. Being a fan of his Taiwanese Variety Shows, we've never thought that we'll get to meet him in person one day so soon... certainly and surely, we're blessed.

A wonderful person to work with - professional, warm and a very kind and honest man. We look forward to seeing you again soon.


Abigael said...

Shhh .... but I used to like him when I was watching Taiwanese variety shows with my sister lor ... I am such a closet Ah Lian!


Opps... cannot shhh liao... your comment has been published! :P