Sunday, November 30, 2008

Counting down to 2009 (Personal)

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

For everyone who's reading this, thank you for loving us. As we step into the last month of 2008, we are really grateful for everything thats been progressing for LTBL these past 11 months. November 2008 has been a great acceleration for us in terms of the spirit of the company, as well as opportunities and opened doors. Doors which have literally FLUNG open by God right in front of our faces.

As Canon lovers since ions ago, we're now happy to announce that we're now being sponsored by Canon. :) Confirmed and inforced since 2nd week of November, this has been a big milestone for us. Because having the best lenses to work with, is something of every photographer's dream. So far, this work arrangement has been agreed for the peak months of Nov and Dec, but thank you Jesus, we are believing and confessing that a long term relationship is on the way.

Another big news to share - we're going to be photographing for the Golden Horse Awards (金马奖). And yes, there is not typo error here... :) This is one HUGE door which God has opened for us. Amazingly, it was after much discovery on our part before we realized that God had pathed the way for us since a long time ago. To emphasis on the un-imaginable state of surprise we're STILL in, to us, 金马奖 is a 有钱也为必有得去 kind of event. This is indeed a dream so big to us to which we never dared dream about.

The best part of this is, not just are we shooting the Award Ceremony... we are shooting backstage as well. Ooo...We pray for courage and being at the right places at right times. We pray for supernatural favor, wisdom, divine opportunities and doors to open. For God to lead us, guide us, prosper the works of our hand. Protection, love, and a hearing heart. 6th December... here we come!

To give rightful praise to the rightful person deserving all glory... Thank you Jesus. We've done nothing to deserve these blessings, and we're grateful and honored that You've given us so much so unconditionally. None of this is from us... all of this is You. Favor... a friend was just telling me "沒有了favor,就算是我们多么辛苦去做什么,都是没有用的." And thank You Lord, that Favor is what You've been showering upon our lives and LTBL is truly of Your makings and Your credit.

Yay!! So happy. Hahaha... one more excitingly blessed month to go! Good year 2008! And an even better 2009!! :D

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