Monday, March 23, 2009

Taiwan - Love Life in Taipei

The Let There Be Light team is very (very! very!) happy to have a chance to work with the bubbly, warm and adorable A-mei. Havent had time to edit her studio shots that were taken as we're now in the final few days of our Taiwan trip and rushing other photos and another 2 shoots. :)

The LTBL Team with Taiwan celebrity Zhang Hui Mei (A-mei)

Taiwan celebrity David Tao Ze

Catch up with us here on our blog again yah! Don't forget to come back for more! :)

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蓝月 said...

hello anthony :) jenna from explanade (in the past) here, remember?

was originally thinking of asking you to help me take photos when i hold my wedding :), then i saw this blog accidentally, and wow :) happy for your progress in this industry.

hm.. so next time need to make higher budget if i want you to be my photographer? heh.