Sunday, May 31, 2009

Little Things

Not going to upload the photos for today's wedding yet. :) Will let Eugene & Lynn exclusively enjoy their Express Highlights for a few days before we update the photos here.

I'm here after a long day, just because I need to talk. Meeting Eugene & Lynn is an amazing blessing. Your hearts were so filled with love, and so full of life. And your words of encouragement... YOU MADE ME CRY! Hahahah! *tsk tsk...

In any case, thank you for your reminder - God has indeed put dreams and desires in our hearts. And these to which He will provide the gifts and calling for. Step by step, we just need to focus on being faithful to the small things, and once He knows we're ready, the big things will follow. It will be so beautiful, and it will be so perfect, that no one can dispute that these are indeed miracles.

Sometimes, waiting around can be the most difficult thing to do. We're really just so glad that along the journey of waiting, there have been many precious people sent into our lives. Thank you... :)

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