Friday, April 30, 2010

Victor & Weiling

It has been a surprisingly rainy March this year, and thankfully, we were blessed with superb weather as we did the bridal shoot for Victor & Weiling. :)

And with such beautiful setting of a location, what more can a photographer ask for? Thanks to this beautiful couple, we had a hours of fun exploring and capturing some great shots! Watch out for more updates!! :D

Location: Capella Singapore. More can be viewed HERE!




Monday, April 5, 2010

SPOT 豆奶!

Hahaha... Managed to spot 豆奶?? :D

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Divine Week

Hellooooo everyone!

Our very sincere apologies if there were any hiccups this week in replying all emails and messages. Last week has been a super busy week as my waterbag had broke two months early. With only less than 20% of water left, rest-in-bed instructions with a full week of hospitalization, some of your enquiries were not answered as promptly as we would have wanted. And with Anthony running to and fro with hospital visits, submission of projects, meetings, appointments, and our new studio opening, we had some really tight schedules to keep to.

We were only able to get through this week with the re-shuffling of some of your datelines, and we're really really grateful for your greatest understanding. *love

Baby Divine arrived in our arms today. A little early, but cute, safe, healthy and strong. :) All is well, and God is really taking good care of us. Do give us a few days to settle a few major stuff, and we'll be back on track VERY SOON yah?

Thank you all sooooo much for all your prayers and well wishes! :D

Anthony, Janice, & Divine