Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wee Peng & Swee Ching

Yes, it's their turn. :) It has been a very patient wait for them... and not just because its their wedding...

We were amazed (I was at a point of slight traumatised... haha) when Swee Ching was sharing with us about their wedding preparations. All that was reeling in my head was this - the kiss in church that seals their vows, is going to be their first official kiss!!

How can anyone remain unamazed when they hear this? The heart behind this gesture, somehow gave us the insight that this special couple, are hardcore romantics at heart. :) And we are truly blessed and privileged, that we were there to witness this precious kiss.

May you have a beautiful journey of love, and thank you for having us there with you. :)


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