Saturday, August 14, 2010

10 years... Darryl & Marjorie

When Darryl & Marjorie enquired with us about our photography services, we thought they were just another blissful couple getting married...

Then they told us. Their special day was not just their wedding. It was their 10th year anniversary, a renewal of their vows.

And you know how much they love one another, just to WANT to go through the whole wedding preparations process, and the logistics of organizing everything. :)






Looking at them on their "wedding day", you'll not find anything thing amiss. Read between the lines, and you see 10 beautiful years of love and trust and faith and respect for each other.

Thank you for having us there to witness your day. It's a milestone for you, and it's a milestone for us to believe too. :)

*love Anthony & Janice

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dora... 加油!

Dear friends, please pray for our dear friend Dora. 5years ago, Dora was diagnosed with malignant osteosara, a type of bone cancer. After 11 operations, and 33 chemo treatments, she still fights to live everyday of her life with much joy & faith. Despite the obstacles and pain she faces, she continues to love life and bravely opened her heart out to reach out and encourage those people around her. Her courage has truly touched many lives.

However, her recent treatments has shown signs of uncertainty as she cant be operated on, and the various chemos treatments have all been tried... Please lift her up in your prayers as we put our faiths together to believe with her that God loves her, and that HE is her healer, HE is her Father, HE is her protector.

We love you Dora. 加油!

Friday, August 6, 2010


The following picture may look a bit blur.... and not without good reason.


Because our photo is on the first page of the papers!! :D Hahaha!

Working in the film production industry has been something that we've truly enjoyed. The people you meet, the friends you make, the cars you bomb, the blood you splatter... even the wide-eyed attention you get when you tell passer bys to “Please keep your volume down, 我們在拍戲”.

Everything from the pig-cutting ceremony to the official "It's a WRAAAAPPP! *hugs hugs all around"... It's a lifestyle where we complain when we are caught in the scorching sun, and laugh when we open up the ice-box and find ice-cream. :) If you have been through the film production process, you'll know what we mean.

Thank you Jesus for the opportunity to have our heart-work recognised and featured.