Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dora... 加油!

Dear friends, please pray for our dear friend Dora. 5years ago, Dora was diagnosed with malignant osteosara, a type of bone cancer. After 11 operations, and 33 chemo treatments, she still fights to live everyday of her life with much joy & faith. Despite the obstacles and pain she faces, she continues to love life and bravely opened her heart out to reach out and encourage those people around her. Her courage has truly touched many lives.

However, her recent treatments has shown signs of uncertainty as she cant be operated on, and the various chemos treatments have all been tried... Please lift her up in your prayers as we put our faiths together to believe with her that God loves her, and that HE is her healer, HE is her Father, HE is her protector.

We love you Dora. 加油!

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