Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jason & Diana in Fun Taiwan!

Fun Taiwan!

If you've been to Taiwan, you'll know that you can never describe it with anything less than an exclamation mark!

In some cases, five exclamation marks are still not enough!!!!! :D


If you know Jason & Diana in person, you'll also know that such a high-energied, joyful and exciting couple is the greatest fun when they decide to fly to taiwan for their prewedding shoot. We love the colors, we love the smiles, and we love the twinkle in their eyes when Jason sang an oldie love song to Diana during their wedding ceremony in church.

And yes, we're very very happy for the two of you! Congrats and don't forget the exclamation marks as you enjoy your marriage!!! :D

More photos on their Facebook Album! :)

Spirit of Fight 截拳之魂


And here's the teaser poster that we shot! :D Look out for more exciting news very soon, and join us on Facebook to see more!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Danny Chan 陳國坤

Danny Chan 陳國坤. (Shaolin Soccer, Kung Fu Hustle, Legend of Bruce Lee)
Photography by Let There Be Light

He's in Singapore to shoot a Mixed Martial Arts film "Spirit of Fight 截拳之魂". :) We're greatly honored to be able to meet him and take a portrait for him.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Laurence & Kimberly

The one thing beautiful about wedding celebrations, is that, not only do they invoke laughter... they trigger tears. :) And when the tears of joy start to flow, there is no way to preempt who starts the ball rolling.

While editing Laurence & Kimberly's Express Highlights, it came as a heartwarming surprise to see that Laurence was the first person to get teary. By the end of the wedding ceremony, many others were sniffling and dabbing their eyes.

So sweet lah!! :D



Hope you both enjoyed your honeymoon and we'll catch up again soon!

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Friday, October 15, 2010

It's A Great Great World

Exciting new shoot!! :D We're really thankful to be a part of this. Praise God!

The old-world glamour and excitement of Great World City is being recreated for the big screen by director Kelvin Tong.

The set of It's A Great Great World includes sprawling recreations of the facades of several iconic buildings, including the Flamingo Nite-Club.


Great World Amusement Park, the legendary nightspot in 1950s and 1960s Singapore, is a glittering, distant memory in the minds of many older Singaporeans.

Come Chinese New Year next year, it will come back to life on the big screen in director Kelvin Tong's new movie.

For It's A Great Great World, to be released in February next year, he is pulling out the stops to recreate the glamour and excitement of the amusement park, which in its heyday attracted up to 50,000 people a night.

The $2-million film is about a colourful cast of characters who live, work and play in Great World, and features an ensemble cast including TV actors and actresses such as Joanne Peh, Yvonne Lim, Chew Chor Meng, Xiang Yun, Huang Wenyong, Zhang Yaodong, Kym Ng and Chen Shucheng.

The set, located in the former Keat Hong army camp in Choa Chu Kang, includes sprawling recreations of the facades of several iconic buildings, including Sky Theatre, which screened movies in English and the Flamingo Nite-Club, as well as carnival rides such as the Ghost Train.

The film-makers spent about $500,000 on the set, costumes and props.

Tong, 38, who wrote the script with screenwriter-playwright Ken Kwek, 31, says the script was developed after conducting extensive interviews with people who have been to Great World, as well as through research at the National Archives of Singapore.

But people had conflicting recollections of the place.

Tong says: 'Things look very different through the filter of memory. That has coloured our approach. We've decided that historical veracity was important but we must also capture the mood and feel of the place.'

Two important elements emerged from his conversations with people: Great World was the only place they could go to on weekends, and somehow, it had the allure of the forbidden fruit about it.

'People 'ponteng' school to watch a movie in the afternoon, or went to the fun fair to play tikam,' he says. Ponteng is the Malay word for playing truant and tikam refers to a game of chance.

Indeed, veteran actor Chen, 62, recalls skipping school to catch English movies at Sky Theatre.

He says: 'Working on this film makes the memories come back, it feels like yesterday.'

While other parts of Great World may lack a detail or two here and there, Tong was on firmer ground when it came to recreating Wing Choon Yuen, a famous Cantonese restaurant formerly in the amusement park. He had the input of the restaurant's current boss, Mr Mike Ho.

The 81-year-old restaurant, now called Spring Court and located in Upper Cross Street, was considered one of the finest in the 1950s, famous for its suckling pig and shark's fin soup, and was a popular venue for wedding banquets.

The 41-year-old Mr Ho, who is the third-generation owner of the restaurant, provided Tong with old pictures of the restaurant for reference and advised him on the kind of language waiters and chefs used and the prices of dishes.

For example, in the 1950s, a wedding banquet cost $38 for a table of 10.

He also loaned the movie some of the original dining sets - cutlery and utensils - signboards, menus and uniforms.

A chef from the restaurant also went down to the set to cook a signature dish, yoke lan gai (steamed chicken with ham), for a scene in the film.

Mr Ho says: 'It's very special that they are showing Spring Court in the movie. It's not something that money can buy and I guess it reflects how the restaurant is part of Singapore's heritage.'

The Straits Times

Friday, October 8, 2010

Kelvin & Linda... takes the MRT!




After the "Wedding Couple takes the MRT" shoot, we rested for the day and got ready for their ceremony and dinner.

And when their wedding ceremony concluded, balloons appeared on both sides of the stage, paving the way for Kelvin as he presented his surprise song item to his bride. Serenading her amidst the tears and laughters, everyone thought the programs will progress right on to dinner.

ALAS... the curtains at the back of the stage parted, and a trolley was pushed out. On it was a huge bouquet of roses, probably of 1000 roses! :) You can literally hear the guests gasping. Haha...

"May everyday be like today, every minute there's a smile on your face.... I take this vow in front of the crowd. I promise you, 我會愛你到老."

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Winson & Jacqueline

We first met Winson & Jacq in end of 2009, and for most part of the rest of the coordinating, we're really thankful for the technology of EMAILS! :D

With their tight work schedules, it's amazing how they managed to gear up their energy for a full day of shoot from dawn to dusk. (Haha... kk, kidding lah. The shoot wasnt thaaat long.)

Until now, I can vividly remember Jacqueline having the final touches of her make up, turning around to look at us, and saying "I think I'm tired already!" *tsk tsk. And surprisingly, instead of a waning amount of energy, Jacqueline became a hyper-energised bride for the photoshoot. ;)

Thank you for giving us your most radiant of smiles in every photo. Blessed marriage!








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Friday, October 1, 2010


The first Children's Day in our family... the first of MANY! :D

Happy Children's Day darling Divine! Enjoy divine health, divine joy, and divine wisdom in everyway! And lets expect presents from our Abba Daddy too! :D

Love, Daddy & Mummy.