Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dances with William & Alexis

Of 10.10.10.

Of Salsa.

Of placing a booking with Marina Bay Sands before it was complete. Daring right? :)

William & beautiful Alexis' are this amazing couple with a salsa story to tell. We hit off well with great fellowship & sharing, and it's became more of a friendship relation as the wedding preparations progressed.

We feel very blessed to have this special honor to celebrate your wedding with you, and hope that you keep on dancing beautiful as always! Love that passion in you both. Keep in touch yah? :D

God bless you!



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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Donovan & Yee Sze

Right in the midst of all the editing, I laughed out loud. With envy, with respect, and with a joy at seeing this photo.

Got to hand it to these two loving couples - Donovan's parents and Yee Sze's parents. :) They stole the limelight for a moment and I just HAD to share this photo.

20 years into our marriage, I wanna share this same beautiful kiss with my husband. :) Don't you?


More of Donovan & Yee Sze's AD photos will be released soon. Look out for them on our Facebook!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ronald & Siew

We met Siew some months ago during one of her trips back to Singapore. With our coordinations done via emails, sms-es and phone calls, in the blink of an eye, months passed.. and we're now sitting at Ronald & Siew's cocktail reception, uploading photos of this beautiful wedding!

One of the few couples whom we managed to include their evening solemnisation into their Express Highlights. (*stress!) And one of the rare couples who aim to show this during their first march-in (*double stress!)







With the whole LTBL team here, we did it in good timing!! Thank you for the hard work! :) Thank you Ron & Siew for allowing us this superb experience!

Enjoy the night! :)

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