Friday, February 25, 2011

Kelvin & Wenddie

We were all so tied up with clearing work, that it's been a SERIOUS while since we last uploaded any of our wedding works. *tsk tsk… 老板要罵我了啦! keke…

Will start off with Kelvin & Wenddie's special day here..

Instead of having one day of celebration, this beautiful couple had two days of partying! ;)

We love the photos from this set, especially the shots of Wenddie, who is indeed an "expression-ful" bride. Just by looking at her, we can read the emotions that are running through her heart, and we see a simple & pure strength, of bliss and joy.

What is more heart warming, is to take a closer look at the images. You can feel that they deeply in love, they are deeply infatuated, and they are the best of friends with each other. :)

We're not going to upload everything here. Especially some really naughty ones during the gatecrash… aahhhh… just imagine for yourself lah!

Enjoy these few shots for now! More on our facebook album!

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